Agility Robotics


Digit is the most advanced Mobile Manipulation Robot (MMR) on the market. Designed to navigate our world, Digit can walk into existing facilities and address the hardest-to-automate portions of your workflow.

Putwall Automation

The putwall tote load/unload process, powered by Mobile Manipulation Robots (MMRs) like Digit, epitomizes efficiency and precision in fulfillment operations.

Tote Recycling

By efficiently managing the recycling of totes used for material transportation within logistics and manufacturing workflows, companies can optimize resources and re-task employees where they make the most impact. This process minimizes downtime and enhances efficiency by ensuring totes are readily available, and at the right locations.

Flow Rack & Cart Replenishment

The lineside delivery process, powered by the Agility Solution, epitomizes efficiency and precision in manufacturing facilities. Agility Arc, our cloud automation platform, fully integrates Digit into your unique workflows. Digit handles the repetitive line feeding and replenishment so employees can focus on value-added activities.

Unit Sorters & Goods-to-Person Systems

By integrating Digit into unit sorters and goods-to-person workflows, you can achieve greater flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in your operations, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.