Hai Robotics’ Autonomous Case-handling Robots (ACR) are the key equipment in their advanced ASRS solutions and are independent of any storage medium. This means facilities are freed of the rigid constructs of shuttle or grid-based systems and the required high costs of their unique containers and storage structures. Facilities can use almost any industry standard shelving or racking structure that provides ideal density and use of vertical space, as well as most kinds and sizes of bins, trays, styrofoam containers, cardboard cartons, and many more. These automated material handling systems are designed to provide maximum workflow speed, accuracy, and efficiency without the typical ASRS limitations. 

Hai Robotics’ ACRs allow facilities to reach new storage heights. These robots manage the storage and retrieval of goods in vertical space 5x higher than standard AMR technologies, up to 10m (32+ feet) high. They provide the unique combined advantages of the system flexibility typically seen with AMR or AGV technology, while obtaining modern warehouse density and maximum vertical storage – and, the workflow efficiency and speed gains often seen in shuttle or grid-based systems, while utilizing industry standard storage material.

Over 500 applications worldwide have already turned to Hai Robotics for material handling success. By utilizing these intelligent robots for their ASRS solution, facilities have seen a reduction of their storage footprint by 75%, workflow efficiency gains increase by 4x, order pick accuracy of 99.9+%, and an increase of daily orders fulfilled by over 170%. Hai Robotics’ systems are built for meaningful ROIs.


The HaiPick System is the world’s first Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) system,incorporates HaiPick robots, workstations and HAIQ Software Platform to perform picking, sorting, and transporting operations.

HAIQ Software PLatform




storage unit

Overview of HaiPICK ROBOTS

The HaiPick A42T Telescopic ACR is the world’s first ACR that can pick and store plastic totes and carton boxes at a dizzying height of up to 10m (32.8 feet). Increase your warehouse storage density even further with the A42T.

Maximum picking height 10m (32.8 feet):
Improve storage density by up to an additional 100% compared to the regular A42.

World’s first telescopic ACR:
Utilize your warehouse space even more efficiently by picking and storing 30kg (66.1 lbs) payloads up to 10m (32.8 feet) high.

High efficiency:
The A42T has multiple storage trays to carry up to nine payloads simultaneously, which greatly improves picking efficiency.

Flexible payload dimensions:
The robot supports separate and mixed picking of plastic totes and carton boxe

The A42-series offers picking and storage of cases up to a height of 5.2m (17.1 feet). The series consists of four models which handle a wide range of case dimensions and types. Compatible plastic tote and carton box in different sizes.

High efficiency: 
With multiple storage trays, our automated warehouse picking robot can handle up to 9 cases simultaneously. This greatly improves warehouse picking efficiency.

Flexible payload dimensions:
The robot supports separate and mixed picking of plastic totes and carton boxes. The robot can handle a wide range of case dimensions and types.

Flexible and scalable:
Users can re-use existing racks and totes if they fit all requirements. Our automated warehouse picking system can also be easily deployed in a small part of the warehouse and scaled up to a bigger installation as the user’s business grows.

Double-deep Acr

Haipick a42d

The A42D is an ADD-ON option for the A42 and A42T

HaiPort-powered workstation is an automatic loading and unloading machine. It is composed of HaiPort, conveyor, visual Kanban, put wall, pick to light system, and can easily dock with HaiPick ACR to automatically unload, transport, and load cases from the robot’s storage tray, optimizing inbound and outbound processes. 

The workstation enables more efficient loading and unloading of cases. It can load 8 cases in 3 seconds and unload 8 cases in 5 seconds, which significantly increases HaiPick ACR’s efficiency. 

Its modular design, flexibility, and easy transport capabilities support rapid increase/decrease of equipment, meeting high efficiency and low cost requirements. Workers and robots are separated to ensure safety. The ergonomic design of the on-robot picking workstation delivers convenient operation, high efficiency, and low cost.