Locus Robotics

Warehouse Picking Solutions

The multi-bot warehouse picking system eliminates unproductive and wasteful walking time, making work easier, faster, and more accurate. Locus's warehouse picking robots enable you to pick more orders, faster, lowering cycle times and increasing throughput.

Putaway Solutions

The LocusOne platform can simultaneously pick orders, manage returns, and and perform replenish and putaway in the warehouse pick space using the same robotic technology. Locus is ideal for handling labor-intensive returns and restocking through true task interleaving, a highly efficient, cost-effective, and continuous picking and restocking process that maximizes the worker’s productivity and efficiency.

Point-to-Point Transport Solutions

LocusBots can easily move your products and inventory without the cost of expensive and inflexible infrastructure such as bolted-down conveyor systems. Our inventory transport robots free up your associates for other value-added tasks, minimizing unproductive and wasteful walking time.

Mezzanine Management Solutions

Locus makes multi-level mezzanine management easy and efficient for warehouses. Our mezzanine management solutions intelligently directs LocusBots and workers to the most efficient workflows. Our innovative Pick-and-Pass feature clusters and directs order fulfillment work across multi-level mezzanines and vertical warehouses for increased productivity, flexibility, and maximum throughput.