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Robotics and Technology is a core competency of Zion Solutions Group. Using our teams extensive experience, we assist in the design, selection, and integration of innovative systems. We have experience in Goods to Person, Shelf Level, AS/RS, Pick and Place, amongst many others.

Designing a system to support the peaks and valleys of distribution can be difficult without the right partner. Zion Solutions Group has a unique skillset to guide intelligent change. Whether it be high speed sortation or transportation conveyor, we can help design and implement the right system for you specific needs.

The first step in any project is understanding where you are and where you want to be. While this sound simple, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered first. We help you identify and answer those questions. Our team specializes in facility design, network analysis, and software selection. 

We believe Software is the most critical piece of any solution. You may have the best conveyor, robotics and sorters in the world, but if you don’t have the right software to orchestrate the overall system, it will never operate at full potential. We have spent decades researching, designing and implementing some of the most complex WCS and WES systems. We have now expanded our reach and knowledge to WMS. Read on to learn more about our process.


real estate / warehouse space

Zion Solutions Group works with the leading General Contractors and Brokers across the country to determine the right location for our customers distribution and fulfillment centers. Zion provides guidance and direction through technology advancements, cube utilization, fire suppression recommendations, concrete slab thickness, and can oversee the program management of all trades. Furthermore, Zion Solutions Group utilizes years of service and knowledge to provide an optimized building column grid, internal offices, breakrooms, maintenance / battery charging areas, and egress plans.


This team is always on the lookout for complimentary companies. We want to work together to use our knowledge and experience to drive long term relationships. We are always open to having a conversation and learning more about how we can help each other.