Advising / design services

advising & Design

Consulting and Design Services are often identified as the first phase of an engagement. Customers sharing where they have been, where they are, and where they are going. Often, there is a struggle with the infrastructure required to support growth and optimization opportunities. The Zion team engages to understand the solution, analyze the data, and provide recommendations supporting the right solution for sustainable and profitable growth. Design Services follow the consulting engagement and position the Zion team to use the results of the data to articulate the solution, timeline, budget and ROI model to assist the Executive and Operations team(s) with the master plan to assist in moving the project to approval.

executive advisory

As an Executive, there are a lot of responsibilities, from building out a team, to selecting an integrator, there are a lot of hard decisions that need to be made. Our team is uniquely qualified to assist in the strategic development of your supply chain team. We can help with existing facilities, new facilities, or long term planning. Contact us to learn more. 

DC Design

DC Design is the heart of Zion Solutions Group. We have over 90 years of combined experienced in DC Design, our team consists of individuals from consulting, operations, and integration background. With this collective team, we are able to design brownfield and/or greenfield facilities utilizing the right technology in any and all industries.

Outsourcing strategy

As your business grows, so does your distribution requirements. What used to be a fairly straightforward operation is now turning into a stressful, complex issue. You may find it difficult to manage the peaks and valleys of demand, or you may be trying to focus on your product instead of running a distribution center. It may be time to look at outsourcing, but how do you know for sure? If it is time, who is the right partner? Zion can help and give you the confidence to not only know when, but also know who.

network design

Labor and space continue to be harder to find, this makes the location of your distribution center that much more important. Furthermore, if you are opening an additional DC, several additional questions need to be answered, such as, Do I replicate SKU’s across both DC’S? How do I manage inventory? Are the SKU pareto’s the same across my DC’s? These are some of the initial questions Zion will evaluate and help answer. We are equipped to help operations with location selection, building size and configuration, and the overall strategy. 

software selection

Software is involved in every aspect of the supply chain. It is vital to the success of a growing company and it is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. That doesn’t mean go out and secure the most expensive platform on the market as you may find that it is difficult to use and you aren’t getting the support you need. Through decades of implementations and research, the Zion Solutions Group can help you design, configure, implement, and support the right software for your unique needs.

rfp support

Many times, a solution is only as good as the RFP going out to prospective partners. If the right information isn’t captured in the RFP, you may receive a mix of different solutions and prices that are difficult to compare. Therefore, it is important the right amount of information is shared to ensure the right responses are received. Zion Solutions Group has experience on both the operations and implementation side, we can assist in creating RFP’s, reviewing RFP responses, asking the right questions, and ultimately selecting the right partner.