the importance of software

Software is involved in every aspect of the supply chain, it can be the reason for getting product in time, shipping in time, or having severe delays. We believe software cannot be an afterthought, it is where the conversation should start. The Zion Solutions Group has the right relationships and real-world knowledge to guide any customer on this important discovery. Furthermore, the Zion team can help select, implement, and support various different levels of software.


Warehouse Management Systems are the most well known software platform, they are typically involved in every Distribution Center. The WMS will typically control items like: 

  • Inventory
  • Wave Planning
  • Receiving
  • Shipping

With the introduction of WES and robotics, there has been confusion in the industry. Zion Solutions Group will work with you to mitigate this confusion. We can help select a new WMS, configure your current WMS, and identify the right functionality for each software platform.



Warehouse Execution Systems are meant to be the “Orchestrator.” They are put in place to drive efficiency, utilize AI and Algorithm’s to adapt to the volatility of the Distribution Center. Typically, functionality includes:

  • Automated Wave Release
  • Labor Planning & Movement
  • Picking
  • Slotting

A WES can significantly help an operation, additionally, a WES can help get more out of your current system. However, it is imperative that the right WES partner is selected and the right “modules” are implemented based on your needs. This is one of the most important decisions in any Distribution Center Design, it is not easy to “un-do” a WES, let’s get it right the first time. Contact us to learn more.


Warehouse Control Systems are involved in any facility with some level of automation. This is the system that makes the system run. Functionality includes: 

  • Conveyor Control
  • Scanners
  • Sortation
  • Print & Apply

This layer should not be overlooked. It is the heartbeat of any operation. There are plenty of other area’s to focus your time when running a Distribution Center, let’s make sure your hardware is doing what it needs to do, running. 


Labor Management Systems can significantly help an operation balance labor across the DC. Understanding benchmark standards / expectations vs the current workload, allows teams to accurately and efficiently move labor to the right areas. A LMS, when setup and integrated properly, will solve problems before they are problems. As many of us know, once a Distribution Center gets behind, it can be extremely difficult to catch back up. Let Zion help you solve the problem, contact us today.


Optimization has become a hot buzz word in the supply chain. For many years, operations manager(s) could successfully balance the flow of the DC, wave planners would sit in an office and group like orders together, and this worked pretty good. And then E-Commerce blew up, Cyber Monday was invented, and 3PL’s / End Users were scrambling to figure out what they could do to get more out of the DC. We came to the realization that people could no longer optimize a DC, at least not alone. Optimization Software solves this problem. Using Machine Learning, AI, and Data Analytics, these software systems are always evolving. Zion Solutions Group offers packages to help you optimize your existing facility or design / integrate a new facility with the optimization layer as the key. 


Gamification is all about incentivizing your employees to be productive, but have some fun in the process. It harnesses friendly competition to drive up efficiency and / or compensate the top producers. You can setup team games, individual games, shift games, amongst many others. When paired with Optimization and a LMS, it becomes extremely efficient. The question still remains of where to implement, when to implement, how to make it effective, and what package is best? Zion Solutions Group will work with you to identify the need, configure the right elements, PM the implementation, and ensure results.