systems integration

our approach to system integration

System Integration is a core service of Zion Solutions Group. Our team is comprised of operators, senior leaders, design engineers, and project managers. We have spent decades working with customers on greenfield and brownfield implementations. We understand the time, importance and quality that a Systems Integration project takes. With our unique range of services, we can help you design and implement your next facility using the right mix of flexibility (robotics) and conveyance. Read on for the specific areas we focus. 


All system integrations start with a design. Our team is capable of working with you to understand the pain, analyze data, create AutoCAD drawings showing options, and ultimately implement the solution.


While conveyor isn’t as new and shiny as robotics, it still plays a vital role in distribution. There continues to be no other way to transfer cartons from point a to point b efficiency and effectively. Zion is partnered with several tier 1 conveyor partners to bring your project to life.

high speed sortation

High Speed Sortation is the heart beat of a distribution center. Many times, a solution will crumble if the main sorter goes down. We understand the importance of uptime and reliability, which is why we have chosen the best OEM’s in High Speed Sortation to partner with. 


Platforms are a great way to utilize the cube of your facility. Zion works with our partners to design and implement: 

  • Equipment Platforms
  • People Platforms
  • Robotic Platforms



Similar to High Speed Sortation, Controls is crucial to the operation of any facility. Now with the introduction of Warehouse Execution Software and the continued improvement of Warehouse Management Software, it has become difficult to decipher who should do what. The Zion team is equipped with the right tools to help you select, design, integrate, and project manage any controls project.


More times than not, racking is required for housing inventory in a distribution center. However, the quantity, shelf heights, weight capacities and seismic requirements all need to come into consideration. We are ready to help you in defining the above and procuring the material to get your project underway.