Professional and Reliable Services.

robotics and technology

This continues to be a key focus for Zion Solutions Group. We have experience in several key robotic solutions, including mobile robots, shelf level robots, goods to person, person to goods, and many more.

systems integration

We have several key partnerships ranging from rack to software to conveyor to robotics. Zion Solutions Group is your one stop shop for all things integration.

Advising, design services

Whether it be a new Distribution Center or an existing one, Zion Solutions Group can help guide you to intelligent change.


We at Zion Solutions Group believe software can turn a Supply Chain from painful to successful. Choosing the right partner and right features is critical to this success. Introducing Zion Solutions Group, contact us for more information.

real estate, warehouse space

If maximizing your facility is important, Zion Solutions Group can help. Our skillsets and partnerships allow us to assist in location, size, and shape. Contact Us for more information.


we are committed.

At Zion Solutions Group we exist to listen, inspire, serve, and build up others. We create an environment that leverages knowledge, creativity, partnerships, and industry technologies to provide intelligent end-to-end solutions for the supply chain. 

Why Us?

Our team brings over 90 years of experience and is committed to quality partners, quality customers, and quality work. 

90+ Years Experience

We bring a unique, fresh perspective to the industry. Our backgrounds include operators, executives, engineers, and extensive experience in robotics. 

Robotics and software

We believe in helping clients reach the summit of their potential, to do this, we have invested in to becoming Subject Matter Experts in the field of Robotics and Software. 

150+ Completed Projects

This team has been involved in projects ranging from $10,000 to $50M. No project is to small, let’s start the conversation.

let's simplify your supply chain

At Zion Solutions Group, we believe in listening, understanding, and solving. We want to understand, from your point of view, what is working? What isn’t? We then use our proven method to discover the simplest problems to the most complex problems. We may recommend process change, robotics, software or even a new facility. It all starts with a conversation, contact us to get started.